DAY THREE – 03/06/13:

Today it has really become a race! Thanks to everyone following on Twitter/Facebook or checking our website, the messages of support really help. We’re making steady progress against our main rivals, the world record time and crew Black Oyster. It was challenging in the choppy seas and strong tides around the Isle of Wight but we were able to maintain a good rhythm. The team are all enjoying looking over to shore when they can, Stu remembered cycling in Sussex and told some excellent stories which kept Neil and him amused on their chilly evening watch! Please keep donating to Combat Stress, thank you if you already have!

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3 Responses to DAY THREE – 03/06/13:

  1. Matt Chapman says:

    Well done lads, it is excellent following your progress on the tracker and it looks like you and the other top three boats are having a great battle out there. Sounds like Neil has drawn the short straw to get paired with Stu! As you are along side the Dorset coast at the moment make sure you ask him about his heroic performance on day 2 of the Tour of Wessex.

  2. Wayne Piri says:

    Go team hallin you’re now past the 2005 world record pace. I hope Jullian is behaving himself cos I know he can get to some mischief when he is bored. Can’t wait to see you guys overtake the islanders.

  3. sue chamberlayne says:

    You are doing SOOO well. I am totally addicted to watching you on the tracker!!! Keep it up guys….I have every faith in you!! Go Stu!!! xxxx

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