DAY FOUR – 04/06/13:

We concentrated our efforts today on getting ahead of the world record pace. Neil was checking the Yellowbrick tracker app on his iPad, apparently there are lots of people glued to this app – even more than us! We were off the Dorset and Devon coast today, David had navy memories of war games chasing submarines in Portland and Plymouth and deep-diving training in Falmouth with main sponsor John Giddens of Hallin Marine Subsea Services. Julian is looking forward to getting past Land’s End and beginning the next leg of the race. Feeling strong and in control, our tactics are working well.

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One Response to DAY FOUR – 04/06/13:

  1. Deb Chamberlayne says:

    Just wanted Stu to know that we are thinking of you all and willing you on. Withdrawal symptoms today. Unable to access tracker at work for 11hrs!!

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